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NMFS Openscapes Fall 2022 Tutorials

Tutorials for the fall cohorts


GitHub Desktop Tutorials

Installing GitHub Desktop will install a platform for interacting with GitHub and also Git.

Terminal, Command Prompt, and Git Bash: What’s the difference?

All of these terms refer to an application for issuing commands in text to your operating system from a command line. In this video, I discuss the difference between Terminal (Mac), Command Prompt (Windows) and bash or Git Bash (both). I show you how to open each from the Applications dashboard (Mac) or Start Menu (PC), and then how to open each from VS Code or RStudio. If you are on a PC, it is important to know how to open a Git Bash window since many commands that you will find on the internet (to solve problems) will use bash (or zsh) syntax rather than DOS (Windows Command Prompt) syntax.

Setting up a computer

This focuses on vanilla data science (R or Python) set-up with Quarto. Slides

Quarto Tutorials

Notes from our co-work session

FAQ. Why switch to Quarto from RMarkdown. 1) Seamless cross-format (html, pdf, docx) support with accessibility (508 compliance) baked in, 2) active community development happening in Quarto with more to come as it has cross-language (R, Python, Julia, etc) support, 3) No more headaches with cross-references, 4) Much better citation support, 5) backcompatibility with RMarkdown means the transition is not too hard.

Googledrive Tutorials