These short sessions (45min to 1hr) will be focused on tools and practices for NMFS scientists to help you be faster, more efficient and organized in your coding and in merging reports with code. The focus of these workshops is practical skills and tools. Each session will be stand-alone. While the sessions will be introductory, I will give you links to my GitHub repositories that illustrate more complex examples (and that you can copy and build on).

Target audience: You already code in R, maybe use RStudio too, but want to learn some tips about being more efficient from a seasoned R programmer who does the kind of coding and work that you do.

About me: I am a modeler/applied mathematician and I am immersed in R. I develop R packages for public use. I teach time-series analysis at the University of Washington (using R) and I teach workshops on R and reproducible research.

Set-up for the workshop

Before the workshops, go to Set-up for instructions. Unless you will only be listening, you’ll need a GitHub account. To actively participate in the activities, you’ll want either R, RStudio and GitHub Desktop installed on your computer or you can use RStudio Cloud. If you do the latter, you don’t need to install any software.

2021 Topics Fridays 10-11am PST (note we skip July 2nd)

Video only

I will make videos of this material.

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